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Lenethas (wife)

Al'ar (Ruler of Flame in Thalassian) is the king of Al'ar's Legion.


Al'ar was born seven hundred years before the founding of the kingdom of Lordaeron. At the age of ten, he began studying arcane magic, particularly that involving fire. At the beginning of his adulthood where he grew a massive cock of at least 16 inches, he was a skilled mage which also influensed his 'manhood'. He married a female elf named Lenethas where he got drunk and gang banged her in a room, whom he had met during his studies of the arcane which then he fucked and got her pregnat. Five months had passed when a band of tribal humans invaded Quel'thalas where the raped mostly the elves because lets face its not considered rape if it is an elf. Fortunately, Al'ar was able to defeat the foul invaders by wagging his dick in the air which scared the humans for life. In the aftermath of the attack, Lenethas was ordered along with several other elven women to investigate the humans by fucking them in the ass with the lubcriants? Don't believe me read this....

Daydrea brushed back her thin black hair, adjusting her stance and securing her cheap staff on her back. She looked around Tranquillien, hoping to see some of her classmates or other blood elves that had begun their studies when she had, but felt relieved to see none of them. All the more credit for her, she knew.
She pulled out her scraggly journal from her soft-red robe and opened it up to only the fourth page, reading through the quickly scribbled words to remind herself what she was supposed to do.
Trolls are becoming numerous. Kill some until they aren't numerous anymore.
Deydrea blinked a few times, but then smiled and closed the book. She had been given a vague assignment, but vague often meant little in the way of rules. She was happy her first assignment in the Ghostlands was going to be so easy.
- - -
Mammou smiled and licked over her tusks. Today was the day--her big test to move up from novice, to practicing voodoo priestess. She put the last little stitch in her blank doll, it's tiny buttons for eyes looking back at her expectantly. She was literally drooling for the moment when she placed the hex over her first victim, was dripping with anticipation at seeing the doll take on the will and spirit of her target, while the target in return received the blank, compliant countenance the voodoo doll held now.
The troll rubbed herself between the legs idly, scratching the side of her bald head with the doll, then setting it down on the splintery wooden table in front of her. She stood up and stretched, walked around, stretched more, rubbed herself, and then finally picked up the doll to admire it again.
It was her first, her very first. She had painstakingly made it all by hand, even chopped the buttons from tiny rocks--no easy feet with only three fingers.
The only first that would be better was the victim...
Mammou looked outside toward her time-rock. The sun was almost at the height of the sky, and that was when she was to place her hex. When the shadow was closest to the body, her teacher taught, all a persons' mojo was in them, and that was the best time to hex them. Mammou didn't know if that was true, but as the minutes ticked away, she could feel her inner energy starting to bubble and froth. She knew that perhaps it was only because she was so excited, but who was she to argue with a Shadow Hunter like Zava'zin?
Thinking of her teacher caused her to rub herself again, her other hand kneading the doll, grinding her biggest finger into the groin. She knew if she could somehow impress him, she might finally live her hottest fantasies--and everything hinged on this very first victim. Looking down at her doll again, Mammou was glad it was going to be so easy.
- - -
Daydrea poked her head above the rock, scanning the series of troll huts and other primitive structures. She was almost shaking with excitement, arcane energy exuding from her like a powerful odor. Mammou grinned and started to draw on her voodoo doll with a special plant balm, which would dye parts of it and never wash free. She painted the tiny fetish as she saw the blood elf, paying special attention to her delicate facial features and taking care to mark all the numbers of fingers and toes, lest one become unusable by her thrall.
Daydrea scrambled over the rock and started sprinting toward the village without any semblance of cover. A tall male troll was busy writing--or what passed as writing for trolls, the blood elf thought--on a stone tablet, and had his back turned. Perfect target, she thought!
When she raised her hands, white energy began to suffuse at her fingertips, and just before the first bolt launched, a big puff of smoke engulfed her, and when it cleared, a small bunny had taken the blood elf's place.
Mammou laughed delightedly, and her teacher turned around, smiling and rubbing his tusks. Mammou came up and picked up the bunny, showing it off to Zava'zin.
"You see, Teacha? Mammou can be doin' de hexin'! Now I want to be doin' the voodoo, dis elf look extra tasty!"
Zava'zin nodded, still rubbing his tusks in a dignified manner. His short black blade hung at his side and his bow rested on his back.
"Ya, Mammou, you be havin' de magic alright. I neva be doubtin' you for a second, but I be happy to see it ma self. Now hurry 'n be finishin' de doll!"
Mammou nodded and walked over to a cage. She gently set the bunny down inside and closed the door. A few seconds later, a puff of smoke filled the cage and the bunny was replaced by the blood elf.
"W-what?! What is this!! Let me out of here this instant, you filthy trolls!" Daydrea huffed and wrung her hands around the bars, glaring daggers at the two trolls. She tried to release a ring of ice to freeze and shatter the wooden beams, but found her energy contained by some strange force. She looked toward Mammou and yelped when the pale-blue troll grabbed her hair and pulled out a small tuft. She placed it on the head of the doll and arranged it as it appeared on the elf.
Mammou smiled, and Zava'zin nodded in approval. Daydrea started to feel a sucking sensation in the front of her face, culminating in her eyes. A soft, pink stream of energy began to flow from her pupils, into the button eyes of the doll in Mammou's hand. Daydrea's face slackened as the doll began to glow.
Finally the slight tendrils of energy slowed to a crawl, and then stopped altogether. Daydrea's mindless body slumped against the side of the cage, and Mammou cradled the doll to her face, stroking it and kissing it on the forehead, whispering promises of what she would do to her new thrall's body.
Zava'zin finally took his hands off his tusks and clapped quietly. He walked around the cage and examined the elf, then looked back to Mammou.
"Well, Mammou, you be catchin' ya first thrall. Das real good, even if she is a lil' bit flabby and pale. She didn' put up much fight, which means her mojo is weak, like most elves, but if ya be doin' all da tings you be taught, you can be teachin' her to feed her magic into yours, and you can suck out what little mojo she be having to strengthen ya own!"
Mammou nodded in regard, still stroking her doll. She opened the cage and snapped her fingers in the direction of Daydrea's body.
"Come outta der, slavemeat, and be leavin' dem clothes behind! You not gonna need dem for de tings I be using you for."

Drooling slightly, the black-haired elf tore off her thin robe, dropping the shredded garment, and crawled out on all fours up to Mammou's feet. The troll patted the elf on the head, who simply continued to drool... Al'ar pleaded with the king of Quel'thalas, Dath'remar Sunstrider, to not let her go fuck everyone, but to no avail. A year passed, and no word came from Lenethas because she was too busy fucking ever bitch in sight wait a second..... Nevermind she's dead oh shit we were getting to that SORRY! One day however, a messenger arrived and informed Al'ar of some distressing news. The bodies of many of Lenethas' elves had been found alive though filled with sexual orgies apparently they did not die but when into a massive coma because they got fucked so hard by the messenger. Al'ar raced to the site with the messenger, and found ridden around

The Legion King as he appears in the Daily Peon.

the women burning hoof prints. Al'ar knew only one such creature could leave a mark like that - a Black daemon dude with a massive giant wait a second thats wrong..... He mourned his wife for many days because he knew she must of actually felt please from the daemon than from him, but was forced to put his emotions to rest when an enmormous army of humans invaded Quel'thalas this time their erections no longer provided themselves as weaponry this time they actually fucking had weapons. Then Alar was like OH FUCK! And ran away like a pussy. And then While Al'ar and his warriors put up a strong defence with their elven blades which sucked more than bieber, they were eventually defeated. The humans killed every elf they could find, and then left. Some eight hundred years later, the Scourge decimated Quel'thalas, killing 90% of the high elven population. During this horrific act, Al'ar rose from his grave. However, he had a will of his own, and he did follow the other Undead, when they continued towards Silvermoon. He was not a pawn of the Lich King like any regular undead, he was something far more powerful. Seeing the destruction around him, he fled Quel'thalas, and for some time he wandered the lands of Lordaeron. Soon, it became apparent to Al'ar that something had changed. He found a local farmer, who told him of the empire of Trolmania.

Fall of the Lich KingEdit

After the Lich King was defeated, the armor of Ner'zhul was brought to Draenosh and Al'ar returned to Northrend where he was then ass raped by Abomination (No joke). A former army of the Scourge joined him in the Storm Peaks and helped him construct the unholy city of Carath'Deron which was invulnerable to all but the mightiest of holy spells. The armies of Troldaeron had the means to destroy it, but did not act, deciding to only attack if provoked by Al'ar. Mostly because Trolman was a drunk and could never actually form any actual plan and just acted on his erectial decisions (I am not joking)

Return of the Burning LegionEdit

When the Burning Legion (calling themselves the Burning Potheads no joke) attempted to conquer Azeroth and destroy the World Tree, Al'ar saw his perfect opportunity for revenge. He moved his forces to Nordrassil, along with several others. The demons laid low for the next two days, and attacked on the third (We really don't know what the fuck they were doing for two days and why the number 3 always appears but it is known that Daily Peon lore by itself is gay and stupid as hell). During the battle, many warriors of Al'ar that had been fighting near the Trolmanian outpost were slaughtered along with the demons (Because yet again the trolmanians are racist drunk soldiers who are said to be immuned to all powers except a blow to the head by a sniper rifle). Before Al'ar could get around this treachery, the dark titan, Sargeras' avatar appeared. Trolman attacked the demonic figure, but was struck down with a single blow. (then he got ressurected AGAIN) When it seemed certain the Legion would be victorious, reinforcements in the form of nerubians arrived, and helped to drive back and defeat the Legion once again. (Then they all got fucking forgotten about for like 3 months then trolman rage quit 50 more times until Al'ar Finally actually did anything.)

The ArtifactEdit

Al'ar returned to the Storm Peaks, where he had a vision of the Lich King. He told Al'ar that long before his defeat, he had discovered an artifact of immense power in a disclosed human settlement. The Lich King saw the weapon as a potential threat to the Scourge, smashing it into three pieces with Frostmourne. He said that the shards had been scattered across the worlds, with one in Nagrand, one in Xoroth and one in the Swamp of Sorrows. Al'ar sent his frost wyrm riders to retrieve the orb in the Swamp. When the demons returned from Xoroth, they brought the shard they had found with them, and gave it to Al'ar. When he finally found the third shard in Nagrand, he combined them to create the Orb of True Vision. (but of course he could of just bought it from a goblin merchant which had it for sale) (NO JOKE THEY EVEN DISCUSSED IT)

Destruction of Azjol-NerubEdit

Scouts had reported sightings of nerubians patrolling the outskirts of Carath'Deron. Deciding to act before the nerubians, Al'ar, along with the Orb of True Vision and several hundred soldiers, invaded Azjol-Nerub. The Nerubian king, Silly Lil Ant fled with the few that could outrun the mayhem to an unknown land. Anub'arak and the remaining nerubians perished in the flames. The Legion King left Ahn'kahet unharmed because it was cleared and it's destruction would be nothing but a waste of time.

The FearlessEdit

Several months later, word reached Al'ar of undead still residing in Troldaeron. He sent word to them and offered them a place amongst his legion. The undead accepted, and soon they arrived in the Undyielding Lands. Their leader, Herosh the Undying, had much to discuss with Al'ar, whom he met at Angrathar the Wrathgate. Soon after, Al'ar received another vision of the Lich King. In the vision, Al'ar asked about the artifact, which he still had in his possession. The Lich King answered by simply telling him to consume it. Unwittingly, Al'ar did so, only to pass into the grip of death. Al'ar's companion, the sorceress Jaeniela, desperately tried to revive him, going so far as to try and use the artifact. Fortunately, the artifact worked. and Al'ar, for the first time in ages, breathed the air as a living being. Funny thing about this.... IT sounds so ludicarious its aboustely true, and its stupidier than StormWarriors2's lore.

The Journey to OutlandEdit

Many days passed, and Al'ar was still rejoicing over his new life. However, he soon came to the conclusion that he could not have the undead as his followers anymore. Deciding to search for new people to command, he went through the Dark Portal and arrived in Outland. He arrived in the midst of a battle between the defenders of the portal and the demons of Outland. Managing to evade them, he reached the Falcon Watch, and found a group of blood elves led by Ranger Captain Venn'ren. The blood elves under Venn'ren were eager to leave their current leader, Prince Kael'thas, and follow Al'ar.

Al'ar then called for Herosh to come to his aid. With him, Herosh brought a small force of his undead with him through the Dark Portal, slaying the defenders to bolster his ranks. Al'ar and Herosh made their way to the Netherstorm, and assaulted Tempest Keep. The assault was a tremendous success, and Kael'thas was taken prisoner. By the next month, Al'ar had complete control of the Netherstorm and had destroyed the Burning Legion's forge camps, and destroyed the Gyro-Plank Bridge - the only connection between Netherstorm and the Blade's Edge Mountains. And for Netherstorm to be affected yet even more and turn into something worse, he deactivated the Mana Forges.

The Conquering of OutlandEdit

Al'ar's forces focused on healing the land, freeing nearly half from demonic corruption. Thus the Netherstorm was renamed the Nether-Half Storm for this cause. Carath'Deron was relocated to the Nether-Half Storm by Al'ar. Everything in that territory was secured. But when Al'ar and some of his men were near a lake, focusing on some hostile elves, they heard someone saying this "Who knows what secrets hide in the dark? Ah yes, I do", when they turned around they saw Prince Malchezaar on a hill, as he called six infernals and they all came from the sky and gathered around him, Al'ar ordered the men outside to get back inside the city, as the infernals attacked them, Al'ar gathered an army and defeated the infernals, but they were increasing in numbers, after a hard fight with Malchezaar, the demon was defeated and he had to teleport away, so the infernals were destroyed. Days later, Al'ar went back to Northrend to stop Herosh the Undying from going any further in his plans, but Herosh's Undead left Northrend immediately, considered to be cowardice but seemed to be wrong.

Not much after Al'ar left Northrend, but let some of his men remained to protect the lands from the Fearless, Yogg-Saron was awakened, all of the Titanic Watchers were dead, Nalas Thel'anor, commander of the first group with one hundred and twenty men found a keep somewhere in Northrend. The people were all frozen except for a human paladin who was near his death, but was saved as he was a clue to the cause, shortly after that Yogg-Saron's whispers was heard by Thel'anor, they were signs that the Legion King will be in great danger. So that when, Thel'anor got back to Al'ar's city and informed him about the things that happened recently. Al'ar knew that Nalas helped him very much even in the beginning years, it was known that the only survivors of the battle against humans in long time ago was Al'ar and Thel'anor, no one else could have survived, and for this, Nalas became Al'ar's first agent.

After a long time absence, Al'ar showed himself once again with a new plan. He ordered Grand Sorceress Jaeniela and Nalas Thel'anor with an army of ten thousand soldiers to teleport to southern Kalimdor and aid Trolman in the fight against C'Thun. This act was the most unexpected act of him, on the other hand, with Trolman occupied fighting C'Thun forces, Al'ar went to Eversong Woods which it's southern territory was now known as Ghostlands. In the western parts, where the cultists and the scourge once had their bases but later destroyed and cleansed. Al'ar found an old gravetomb and walked down the stairs into the darkness. Al'ar had found his wife's vault which she were buried in after her death. Upon leaving, by cause of an unexpected earthquake, seemed to disrupt his effort but no further news were heard. Since then Al'ar remained quiet and no-one have heard from him ever since...

Return of the Fallen KingEdit

Yet, long time had been passed, it was the moment which Al'ar's race was fading that he returned, it was mentioned to be about ten years of absence, a portal was opened to Netherstorm which the Legion King and two of his men arrived, on his way to Carath'Deron, he saw captain Thel'anor and the grand sorceress discussing about something, as Al'ar looked upon his city from that position, many things had changed, instead of the blood elven architecture and his own kind of structures, it was nothing but stone walls of the humans, the two was surprised of the Legion King's return and told him about what happened in his absence, meanwhile the gate of the city was opened and a paladin wearing black armor and a few guards left the city and moved to a cave in front of it. Al'ar, Thel'anor and Jaeniela entered the cave as well, it was a hidden library, where the black paladin was talking to a researcher named Hallron, that moment Al'ar interrupted their speaking and asked the black paladin for information. As the last news about Al'ar was that he left his world in search of the secrets of the past, the black paladin informed him that the city contains no more kind of elves, except for the elven legion's dead queen who was in their grasp. Two people in the library were Al'ar's guards in disguise. The Legion King became somewhat enraged to hear that, griping the black paladin with flames and making him suffer, this was his own way to hear the answers from an enemy.

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