Al'ar's Legion
Al'ar's Legion
A Legion outpost in Storm Peaks.


Legion King Al'ar


Blood Elves

Base of Operations:


Al'ar's Legion is the supreme blood elven army and faction led by Legion King Al'ar. Their capital, Careth'Deron is located in Netherstorm in Outland.


Before Al'ar became the master of the blood elves, in his afterlife of undeath, and after the Lich King's eternal demise, he controlled the former servants of the scourge, along with members of Kel'thuzad's Cult of the Damned.


  • Before making up this faction, Legion_King Doom controlled the Undead forces of the Unyielding, led by the same person, Al'ar.
  • Al'ar's Legion's name was made up by Amargaard in the wiki becourse the force lacked a name.

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