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16th November, 2009

This article is about the Hive Workshop user, for the Alagremm, the Daily Peon character, see Alagremm

Alagremm is the reviver of the Daily Peon on the Hive Workshop. He joined the group on the 16th of November, 2009. Along with Trolman, he created the formula of posting terrain pictures with text, which is now the main way of posting in the Daily Peon. Unforuantely he could not predict the clever disguises of Chr2 and Phoonix who cleverly try and lead an assissantion an attempt on Alagremm riding him from the group.

Also is known for being apart of the Cthulu Cult where they manage to take control of humanity and then mind fuck everyone.

In June 2011 he became a true hero to himself... By raping himself of all good..... Wait that is masturbation!