Alliance of Lagosh
The Alliance of Lagosh


Caleb Alnria (Current), StormWarriors (Former)


Humans, Elves

Base of Operations:


The Alliance of Lagosh (Pronounced low-gosh) is a faction of Humans and many other strange races formerly led by StormWarriors from Celestina, but now half of the people have setled on the planet Quaji'll and few of them on the other side of Azeroth. It has turned into a darker age for the Alliance of Lagosh, with its forces scattered, the Alliance is looking to its future of complete fall. The Alliance of Lagosh have now been unallied and besieged by the trio Trolmania, TlenoTech and the Sea Legion. One of the few bases left of the Alliance is Nethergarde Keep, which is also one of their main-bases of operations left.


In the middle of the strainous war against the Lich King, a small group of mercenaries, known as the Storm Clan journeyed through Northrend, in search for a job. The Storm Clan came to the middle of Northrend, where they saw a battle between an army of Trolmanians and the Scourge undeads. Emperor Trolman found the leader of the Storm Clan, StormWarriors, and hired the mercenaries. However, they was promised no money, but some of the claimed Scourge territories, if they fought well. The Trolmanians, the Storm Clan and their allies reached Icecrown Citadel, in which StormWarriors led his clan into the scourge hordes before the Trolmanians. The well-trained soldiers from the Storm Clan fought well, and suprisingly only a small number of them died. At the Frozen Throne-plataou, the Lich King, Anub'arak, Kel'thuzad and Tiri Proudmoore awaited to fight their challengers. Kel'thuzad coweringly teleported away with a Scroll of town-portal, Anub'arak was captured by Silly Lil Ant, the Lich King was killed by Trolman and Tiri taken prisonner so she could return to the living. As promissed, StormWarriors got the ownership of the claimed Icecrown-region. The Storm Clan now quit and left the service of Trolman, trying to become a kingdom in need of no others. They lived for some time in the Icecrown Citadel, but then they noticed how the dread energies still clung to the black halls of death, and slowly corrupted the weakminded of the Storm Clan. StormWarriors decided to destroy his citadel and instead build fortresses outside to live in. He did so. Later StormWarriors, which seemed to be the only one immune to the corruption, wandered the ruins and suddenly found a tiny strange gem, which he named the Nether Gem. He showed the gem to the magician of his clan, Ebe, and after weeks of studying, Ebe had the information he needed. The gem was a powerful artefact able to teleport whole armies to a new location far away with ease. Later the Storm Clan used the gem and moved to a new world, Quaji'd, and renamed themselves the Alliance of Lagosh. Quaji'd was already inhabited by many races, including Humans, and StormWarriors eventually came to the knowledge that they had civilizations and great nations spread across the two continents. The Alliance of Lagosh went popular among the other nations, and many races joined StormWarriors' new nation. Everything seemed peaceful, until the Talin Empire arrived on the Lagoshian continent. The Talins were corrupted by the Burning Legion and thus very hostile, so they started a war with the newformed Alliance. After a long conflict, which seemed neverending, the remaining nations, the Torin Elves, The Dwarves of the underground deeps and the Goatmen, joined the course of the Alliance of Lagosh. The Talin Empire fell, and the few surviving surrendered and joined the Alliance of Lagosh too. Then Kel'thuzad appeared. He had teleported to this world with an undead army from Icecrown so he could get revenge upon the people who slayed his king. He started a new war with the Lagoshians, which was currently weakened due to the heavy losses from the Talin War. Also, the Burning Legion itself arrived. Sargeras had senced his Talin pawns lose the conflict, and now he sent a huge Demonic army to Quaji'd led by an Avatar of himself.

The Evacuation of Quaji'dEdit

The Undead under Kel'thuzad's command attacked the largest Lagoshain city, setting fire to its buildings and raising its populace as undead. The entire Alliance of Lagosh came to assist fight back the undead, but the Burning Legion attacked too, after making a pact with Kel'thuzad. They tried to steal the Nether Gem and then destroy the entire planet. StormWarriors ordered the survivors of his kingdom to escape to one of the mountain-fortresses. Ebe began opening another portal back to Azeroth with the Nether Gem. StormWarriors met the Avatar of Sargeras and fought with it in close combat, the skilled Half Elf warrior-king parred strike after strike, but the avatar seemed to never get tired. Sageras liked the battle, seeing a worthy enemy, so he cursed StormWarriors and his next generations to never die by age so they could battle again one day on this planet. However, StormWarriors, which knew nothing of this curse fled, thinking he was about to lose, but after a few steps, StormWarriors fainted. Captain Loken was quick to take the body of his king, and bear him to Ebe's portal, which they finally got though. The remaining Lagoshians had returned to Icecrown and closed the gate behind them...

The Naga and Tundra WarsEdit

Back in Azeroth, the Alliance had grown much since last time, and their experience with crafting and magic had increased greatly. Ebe founded the group of very powerful wizards, which he named "The Jackals", led by himself, ment to protect the Nether Gem. The Jackals woke up StormWarriors from his slumber caused by Sargeras with their powerful sorcerry. The Lagoshian started huge building-projects of cities, which was raised to the sky by the Jackals. Those cities was called the Great Cities. Each Great City was ruled by dukes or lords, chosen by the people of the cities. The hugest Great City was the one in Icecrown known as Asherain ruled by StormWarriors himself. The Alliance of Lagosh seemed to finally have become a huge peaceful kingdom, but that soon changed as the Nagas attacked the different key positions of the Lagoshians, starting the Naga Wars. As the armies of Lagosh was sent to different battlefronts and some great cities was defenceless with no armies to protect them, some of the dukes and lords greedly saw the opportunity to betray the Alliance of Lagosh and become richer and more powerful by attacking the other Great Cities. Some of those betrayers was once Talin-civilians and now they allied eachother and from their bases in Borean Tundra they besieged some of the weak Great Cities together. The whole Alliance of Lagosh was in war with either the Nagas or the Talin-betrayers. Those wars with the corrupted dukes was called the Tundra Wars, and both the Tundra Wars and the Naga Wars lasted for a long time...

The siege of DarkwindEdit

In the middle of these troubling wars, the Alliance of Lagosh recieved a letter of joining several other factions in a raiding of the demonic city known as Darkwind. StormWarriors decided to join, to get better relations with the other forces, and thus gave the command of the armies against the Talin-dukes to his son, Caleb Alnria, while he was gone. StormWarriors took the fleet with him, along with the Sun Dragons and a medium sized Lagoshian army. Arriving in the Westfall Citadel, StormWarriors planned the war strategies with the Sea Legion leaders, and made up the plan that the Lagoshian Fleet and the dragons should attack the Stormwind Harbor, while StormWarriors himself and his army charged the front-gates of Darkwind along with the other groundforces. After may hard fights, they succeded winning the war and as the city was renamed to Variun and it's population changed to humans once again, StormWarriors got the ownership of Nethergarde Keep due to his efforts in the war...

The invasion of Yogg-SaronEdit

While StormWarriors remained in the recaptured lands of Southern Eastern Kingdoms, his son was assassinated and killed by The Deceiver, a servant of The Higher Evil, and then brought to the Storm Isles where he was burrowed in the Celestina Catacombs. The Old God Yogg-Saron had been freed by Herosh the Undying, and after moving to the ruins of Azjol-Nerub, he started invations with Faceless hordes all over Northrend and that included the Alliance of Lagosh. Many of the Great Cities fell to his armies, brought down to the earth by huge tentacles and then attacked by Faceless Warriors. Icecrown was heavily attacked and the Lagoshian cities fell fast. Another son of StormWarriors, Ahriman, led the survivors to a new fortress called Light's Hope, and that was the last remaining Lagoshian keypoint in Northrend. The gates was able to keep out the Faceless hordes, though they would not last forever. Luckily, the Molemen spawned in Icecrown like many other places on the world, and thinned out the Faceless hordes a bit, but they soon dissappeared into their mysterious underground bases and never showed their faces again, and the Faceless started sending raids towards Light's Hope, but they still haven't managed to come through...

Going to Quaji'llEdit

The greatest of the Great Cities, Asherain, was still intact along with few other Great Cities, and suddenly huge portals appeared near all the different cities, which they flew through. They appeared in a new world, looking much like their previous world, Quaji'd, thus they named it Quaji'll. Most of the Lagoshian populace was now gone never to take part in the Daily Peon roleplay again, only leaving Light's Hope, Nethergarde Keep and Celestina behind. The Alnria Dynastry would maybe never see their father, StormWarriors, again. Those on Quaji'll is to never be included in the DP anymore, but is for use in the Future RP of DP, known as the DSCV, which should not be part of this wiki...

The Civil Wars and the end of CelestinaEdit

StormWarriors returned to Celestina in the Storm Isles, since the Northrend bases had fallen or mysteriously dissappeared. Commander Donson declared war on StormWarriors, because he thought the Alliance of Lagosh should attack Trolmania and StormWarriors was against it. A civil war started in the streets of Celestina itself and people either joined Donson or StormWarriors. While the civil wars raged on, Tleno came in a ship, asking if he could aid StormWarriors' team in the civil war, however Tleno betrayed the Alliance of Lagosh and was only a part of a bigger plan by Trolman to eliminate the Alliance of Lagosh. The Trolmanian Fleet soon arrived at the shores of the Storm Isles and attacked Celestina from all angles aided by TlenoTech and the Sea Legion, which both had fought alongside StormWarriors in the siege of Darkwind. The Alliance fell and StormWarriors died along with Ebe and many other notable persons in the Alliance. However, Caleb Alnria the son of StormWarriors, suddenly got ressurected from his grave and was crowned the second StormWarriors. Talick also reappeared and this time picking the Nether Gem up from the dead body of Ebe. He killed Death Knight Tal, a follower of StormWarriors, and wandered into a weird ruined building. There he used the Nether Gem and ordered it to teleport the whole capital city of Celstina and all it's surviving members of the Alliance of Lagoshians, to the other side of the planet...

The Argussian WarEdit

These are events that have not all been revealed yet. User Amargaard are using this faction in his plot of retaking Argus, but exactly what happens to them is not completely known yet. During this plot, the Alliance of Lagosh becomes a subforce of the Protectorate.

Talick succeded partly in teleport Celestina, but it appeared that only a quarter-part of the city got teleported, and even worse, it landed in the ocean near Pandaria. They sailed into the shore and founded the town of Lagoshia, now led by StormWarriors2 (Caleb Alnria). However the Pandarens didn't like the newcomers and raided their new town, but Talick used the Nether Gem once again, from the center of Lagoshia where a huge red statue of StormWarriors stood proudly with Aslabi pointing down towards the ground. The Nether Gem teleported the Statue and everybody near it to Areeor Grasslands in Argus, a new world. The Lagoshians met Calliope, Ned'oanik, Crystal Being and Devel. Together they destroyed a Demon Forge Camp and Talick confronted the Dreadlord in charge, Therox the Ninth. The Dreadlord told about a supreme Nathrezim faction, the Council of Ten'zul and then escaped by flying away in his batform. The Lagoshians built up another city on the ruins of the Forge Camp and named it Lagoshia just like their previous city. The statue of StormWarriors stood in the city aswell.

StormWarriors2 ordered Myrdan to be the person in charge of Lagoshia, while he, the others and a huge part of the Lagoshian army continued against the huge underground Protectorate fortress, Argost-Ner'al. Since then they have stayed there waiting for The Argussian War to begin...

Military of the AllianceEdit

The Alliance is made up of humans and Talion elves. In Amargaard's pics, he created the following units for the Alliance of Lagosh:

Lagoshian SoldiersEdit

The Lagoshian Soldiers are the melee Ground forces of the Alliance of Lagosh. They wear metalgray and red armor and a light swords.

Lagoshian RangersEdit

The Lagoshian Rangers are descends of the Talion Elves from Quaji'd. Only the Talion Elves may become Lagoshian Rangers.

Lagoshian KnightsEdit

The Lagoshian Knights ride atop normal Horses, wearing the metalgray and red armor. They uses lances and swords in war.

Jackal MagesEdit

The Jackals consists of powerful Lagoshian mages, few in number led by the carrier of the Nether Gem, which currently is Talick. They are sworn to guard the Nether Gem with their powerful magic.

Notable Members
Name Location Status
StormWarriors Alnria Dynastry Crypt, Celestina Catacombs Dead
StormWarriors2 Argost-Ner'al, Kassani Mountains, Argus Alive
Captain Loken Argost-Ner'al, Kassani Mountains, Argus Alive
Ahriman Alnria Argost-Ner'al, Kassani Mountains, Argus Alive
Ebe Celestina, Storm Isles Dead
Commander Donson Celestina, Storm Isles Dead
Vali Quaji'll Unknown
Death Knight Tal Celestina, Storm Isles Dead
Talick Argost-Ner'al, Kassani Mountains, Argus Alive
Drake Celestina, Storm Isles Dead
Myrdan Lagoshia, Areeor Grasslands, Argus Alive


The name Lagosh. Is from a game that StormWarriors played in where one player said A LAG GOSH!

The Storm Clan was later Renamed the Storm Knights.