Amargaard's Pickaxe is an artefact-pickaxe once wielded by the Reporter Peon Amargaard, and now by one of Tlenos' two sons, Billy or Willy. It is decorated with magically Orange and Gold-lines on the shaft and the blade itself, and it is able to do Bronze Dragon Time-magic though it is unknown what that means completely.


When Peon Amargaard entered the Caverns of Time, he found a gold-ore down there in the magic tunnels. He begun digging in it with his pickaxe, but suddenly the whole cave-wall collapsed and a new dark tunnel was revealed. He walked down the tunnel-road together with some curious Bronze Dragons, and saw a lot of new Time-portals with new unexplored events from the DP-universe that would soon be attacked by the Infinite Dragonflight. At the end of the road, Peon Amargaard saw a Time-portal to the event later called The creation of Teldrassil. He entered and appeared in Darkshore where he saw that the Bronze Dragons was too late with this event, the Infinite Dragons had already attacked! He came back to the caverns and saw the portal turn gray and unenterable. Though many of the Bronze Dragons was now busy guarding the many new portals, one Bronze Dragon disguised as a female Blood Elf called Alurmi stepped close to Peon Amargaard and thanked him for revealing the new time-portals before they were all changed by the Infinite Dragonflight. As thank she gave him an Epic Bronze Dragon Mount and enchanted his pickaxe with Bronze Dragon time-magic - It is still unknown what exactly was changed and what abbilities the pickaxe now has.

Peon Amargaard carried the Pickaxe with him in his journey through Tanaris, Gadgetzan, Steamwheedle Port, Durotar and ended up on the planet Argus, where he was captured by the Hippie Sen'jequib Fireweed and brought to Mac'aree along with the dwarf Screen, a Troll and the new Dragon Mount. Sen'jequib strangely gave him permission to leave, on the condition that he left all his items behind in a Hippie Wagon including the Pickaxe. Peon Amargaard left his items behind and walked into the strange Hippie-city alone, and eventually ended up in the Protectorate Headquarters where he was accepted by Dragram and became a member of the Protectorate. Later the Protectorate-Assassin-Leader by the name Naleena was sent on a mission to get back the Hippie Wagon with Peon Amargaard's stuff, and she succeeded.

Later Peon Amargaard sent the Pickaxe to Tleno as a present to one his two newborn sons, Billy and Willy. It is unknown who of the two which got the Pickaxe. Amargaard replaced his own pickaxe with a TlenoAxe bought from a TlenoMart...