Title Burning Legion Lord, Eredar Overlord of the Legion Forces
Gender Male
Race Man'ari Eredar
Affiliation Burning Legion
Status Alive
Relatives Kil'Jaeden, Velen

Archimonde is the left hand of the fallen titan Sargeras and thus a highranked officer within the Burning Legion.


For information before the time of the Daily Peon, check his Wowpedia-page [1].

Archimonde have participiated in many battles in the Daily Peon history. He was once defeated by an army of Peons, having the same effect as Wisps. He was then trapped in the Plane of Suck until he was summoned back along with Kil'Jaeden to help the Avatar of Rage lead the Darkwind armies. He and Kil'Jaeden escaped when the Avatar decided to enter the battle himself.

The Argussian WarEdit

Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden was summoned to Argus, to put an end to the Protectorate. Archimondes personal army was summoned with him and with it he attacked the Protectorate Headquarters in Mac'aree.