A book published by the Defias assassins who got ass-bored one day and decided to do something interesting, in that boredom they made this. The most detailed of all the " How to " books. It has many pictures of the style of killing being performed letting people know that its PERFECTLY safe. With this book anyone could kill someone else, just as long as they could sneak up on them and perform the style they want. ( Not that way! )

About the authorsEdit

The publishers, Justice and Sin, third and fourth best assassins in the Defias Brotherhood, would like to share to you that the book is merely for people who are skull-bored or are hired assassins. They published the book for people who have a grudge on someone and can't figure out a decent way to kill him. They decided to publish this book to the poor souls out there that are having the same problems.

Where to buyEdit

Now available in TlenoMart stores everywhere and is the top-seller in every stores. For 20 gold pieces only.


Dragram, leader of the Protectorate owns a "The Art of Killing"-book, which he told Peon Amargaard to read while Protectorate Assassin-leader Naleena was sent out on a mission to recover Peon Amargaard's stuff. [1] [2]