Diablo, the Avatar of Rage
Avatar of Rage






Burning Legion


Deceased (Presumed)



The Avatar of Rage (Also called Diablo), was one of the eight Avatars of Sins and a high-ranked leader of the Burning Legion stationed in Darkwind until he was betrayed and defeated by The Prophet.


The Avatar of Rage came into Azeroth as a sudden explosion in the Burning Steppes, and he quickly headed towards the Molten Core to meat with two other evil fiery lords, Deathwing and Ragnaros. There they agreed to invade the world from three locations - The Avatar of Rage should take control of the Demonic city of Darkwind and command the Demons and Undeads there to invade the whole Southern Eastern Kingdoms. After taking control of the hordes of evil creatures in Darkwind, he started his planned invations and quickly came into possession of several countries around the city. However, soon a large group of united forces, led by Tyrael, charged the gates of Darkwind. The Avatar of Rage and Tyrael duelled and the Avatar was about to win, but then The Prophet interfeared and made the Avatar of Rage dissapear slowly. It is unknown if he died or if he got bannished like the first Avatar of Sargeras.


  • He was introduced as an Easter Egg by Chr2 in the DP-group's picture number 666 under the name of Diablo and was not ment to become part of the storyline. However, Amargaard continued include Diablo in his own pics and the character eventually became part of the lore. Later VeljkoM used him in his plot of retaking Stormwind as one of the villains, renaming him to the Avatar of Rage.