Ayuli'Vi is a language that is mostly used by the followers of the Crystal Being. Ayuli'Vi means, in common, "Pure Being". No one yet knows how to speak this language or from where did it come, but it is presumed that it is a dialect of Kalimag, the elemental language. There are rumors that the Peon Daäk knows the Ayuli'Vi language, but he never made these rumors true. Many sages, peons and peasants are working to discover the secrets of this strange language. The main user of Ayuli'Vi is Z'Thsen'Yuli (Crystal Being's name in his own language). All Ice elementals use the language and Water elementals knows it, but they prefer speaking Aquan. Few rumors say that Blue Dragons also knows the lagnuage, but it is uncertain. Frost Wyrms may still be able to do the same.

Quotes in Ayuli'ViEdit

  • 1. "Sevri Dal Z'Thsen'Yuli, karyeme. Dal Norie Fi Z'Thsenni Kradel" Means : "I am the Crystal Being, mortal. I come from The Crystallized Grave"
  • 2. "Sevri Dal Z'Thsen'Yuli. Dal Norie Su Lokio Chiderë" Means : "I am the Crystal Being. I come to visit this"

Words in Ayuli'ViEdit

Sevri = To be. I am, for example.

Dal = I.

Z' = The.

Thsen(ni) = Crystal(lized)

Yuli = Being.

Vi = Pure.

Karyeme(ë) = Mortal(s).

Norie = To come. I come, you come, etc.

Su = To.

Fi = From.

Kradel = Grave.

Lokio = Visit.

Chiderë = This.