Azeroth (World)


Great Dark Beyond

Azeroth is where the majority of the events in the Daily Peon take place. Throughout history, this world has seen a great number of wars, empires and creatures come and go, from the First and Second Wars between humans and orcs to the rise of Trolmania. Today, most of Azeroth is under the control of Trolmania, with a few other major forces scattered around the globe.


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Geographical featuresEdit

Azeroth Map

Map of Azeroth outlining the borders of all territories.

The world of Azeroth is comprised of three major continents, with a number of smaller islands scattered about them. Northrend is located in the north, Kalimdor in the west, and the Eastern Kingdoms (aka eastern continents) in the east. The Eastern Kingdoms are made up out of two large landmasses - the southern one includes Azeroth and Khaz Modan, and the northern land of Lordaeron. At one time, all of the three major continents were part of one large continent (known as Kalimdor), with a large magic lake known as the Well of Eternity in the center. When the well exploded at the conclusion of the War of the Ancients, this continent was shattered, leaving behind the continents and islands that exist today. The Forbidding Sea is the expanse of water to the east of the Eastern Kingdoms and the Veiled Sea sits west of Kalimdor. Between the continents lies the Great Sea, while at its center lies the Maelstrom — a massive chaotic whirlpool over the area where the Well of Eternity once stood. It's believed that a part of the Well still exists in the Rift at the bottom of the vortex. It has been active since the Great Sundering ten thousand years ago and still there is no foreseeable natural end to its existence.

The Eastern Kingdoms are made up of several continents including the southern continents (Azeroth and Khaz Modan), and the northern continent of Lordaeron.

The world of Azeroth also has lands located at the other side, beyond the Veiled Sea to the west of Kalimdor, and beyond the Forbidding Sea to the east of the Eastern Kingdoms. No one is sure or has knowledge of what kind of creatures, lands, cultures, life, and sentient being lives in the other side of Azeroth. It is clear though that it is very dangerous.

"A handful of ships have ventured from Kalimdor away from the Maelstrom — to the north, west, and south. None have yet returned."

Azeroth also has two moons, the White Lady and Blue Child.