Blood Elves
A blood elf female and a blood elf male.


Al'ar's Legion

Racial capital:


Racial leader:

Lord Al'ar

Secondary Leaders:

Grand Sorceress Jaeniela, Nalas Thel'anor


Netherstorm and several outposts in Northrend

Racial Languages:


The Blood Elves, sin'dorei in Thalassian ("children of the blood"), are a race composed of former High Elves who renamed themselves in honor of their people whom were killed during the siege of Silvermoon by the Scourge during the Third War. The Blood Elves of Azeroth never joined the Horde in the Daily Peon universe, and is now nearly instinct on Azeroth. Instead the ressurected Blood Elf Lord known as Al'ar have gathered all the Blood Elves of Outland and made Netherstorm their home. He defeated Kael'thas Sunstrider in Tempest Keep. In Netherstorm Al'ar used his powerful orb-artifact to restore the land and bring glory to his people.

Notable blood elves Edit

Name Role Condition Location Allegiance
Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider Last scion of the Sunstrider dynasty. Deceased Black Sabbath, Ashenvale Burning Legion.
Lord Al'ar Ruler of Al'ar's Legion. Alive Carath'deron, Netherstorm Al'ar's Legion
Grand Sorceress Jaeniela Skilled magician in Al'ar's Legion. Alive Silithus. Al'ar's Legion
Nalas Thel'anor Captain of Al'ar's Legion. Alive Silithus. Al'ar's Legion