The Brotherhood of the Sword
Brotherhood of the Sword


Lord Bahram


50,000 (After conquering Islands) 15,000 (formerly)


Human, Half-Elves

Base of Operations:




The Brotherhood of the Sword are a newer raiding force, led by Lord Bahram. Once a part of the Alliance of Lagosh, they now fight for their own causes.


The Brotherhood of the Sword were from the once powerful Nations of Alterac, StormGuarde, Lordaeron, and even People of the Eastern Kingdoms. The People all saw that their homelands were doomed, and the few that left became the foundations of the Brotherhood. Joining forces with StormWarriors and the Storm Clan, they became the Naval forces of the Storm Clan, but it was smashed to pieces when StormWarriors pledged himself to Trolman and his cause to destroy the Lich King. The Brotherhood of the Sword ceded from the Storm Clan. And the Mawe Clan that were allies with the brotherhood too were obliterated by the Brotherhood and the Alliance of Lagosh/Storm Clan.
StormWarriors felt treachery and launched several campaigns to destroy the Brotherhood of the Sword, he did not succeed, as under the tutelage and watchful eyes of Lord Bahram, the brotherhood were able to ensure their survival and they took with them an entire 12 battalions of Soldiers that had survived the war with The Scourge.
Of these many would die, be replaced and retrained. But the few that survived lead the Brotherhood of The Sword to a new land to call home. The Crescent Isles. 12 uniquely formed islands, that were formed from a thousand years of erosion of the main land.
The Brotherhood of the Sword have been cut off from much of the World as their fleet was almost completely destroyed from the storms. They have recently rebuilt it and started to raid the Alliance of Lagosh. But when Trolmania arrived and annihilated the Alliance of Lagosh, the scattered villages and small cities of the Alliance were absorbed into the Driving new Warmachine of the Brotherhood. Taking the last of the villages they began raiding even more of the cities of the once famous empire, as some cities still survived, for example the underwater Great City had survived but it had submerged and was taking heavy causalities from the Brotherhood, the city did not surrender, in return the Brotherhood burned the city to the ground effectively cutting the head of the Alliance from the control of the Storm Isles and of its scatter remnants.
After this the Brotherhood had control of the North and Southern seas. Exploiting their druids who gave them cloud cover and storms, their lightning fast attacks have dumbfounded any neutral empire. The only fear the Trolmanian Empire as they dare not venture near them, in fear of losing their positions. The Brotherhood now controls 50 isles. the size of a very small peninsula on Azeroth. They have begun plotting to save Azeroth from a new enemy of the dark, as they sense evil has come.

The New NationEdit

The Brotherhood has just recently conquered the Storm Isles, Ice Isles, Port Prodans, The Great Cities, almost all the lands of the Former Alliance of Lagosh. The Brotherhood has been repopulating the islands and plans on making itself a nation like no other. They Also have just recently added the Plunder Isles to their growing emprie. It is planned the Brotherhood will be able to one day set-up a large standing force to be able to defend its now growing empire. The Brotherhood itself now controls over 150 islands. Making it seem like a growing nation.


The Brotherhood has to be one of the most violent military powers on Azeroth. But after the complete defeat of the Alliance of Lagosh. The Brotherhood has become increasingly more peaceful, and have even ensured that The Raiders were no-longer needed for the Brotherhood.

Almost all nations will not ally the Brotherhood, after they launched a fleet to try and conquer Theramore Isles. Though many nations threaten the brotherhood, the Brotherhood was attacked by priates from plunder isles, and were also attacked in the north by the Alliance of Lagosh Remants.

The Brotherhood are extremely racist towards the Trolmanians, Undead, and the Night Elves. Their hate for the undead is due to their war with Scourage during the third war. The Night Elves were responisable for the death of an entire division of Brotherhood Soldiers. And the Trolmanians for destroying the culture, philosphies and the religion of Azeroth. Though Trolman has never heard of the Brotherhood, he would wish to destroy them if he could.

The Brotherhood has been exceptionally devouted in finding allies, as they wish to build a strong enough force to defend Azeroth against any new enemies that might arise.

Wars of the BrotherhoodEdit

The Brotherhood has fought at least 16 wars since its founding. Only 12 are actually covered in the Daily Peon. The other 4 were Alliance of Lordaeron's Third War, Scouraging, War of the Storm Isles, and War of Crescent Isles.

The Brotherhoods most famous battle is the War of Celestina. Where they sent an entire battalion to fight a undead horde that had risen after the City of Light's Prisoners escapped.The Brotherhood was able to Recapture and defeat the undead forces of Celestina.

Government SystemEdit

The Brotherhood of the Sword is lead by 5 Lords. These 5 lords all have certain jobs/niches within the brotherhood, these are the following members of the Five Thrones. A nickname given to them by other members of the brotherhood.

The First Throne (Black Knight on Ice Throne)- Grand Naval Captain Ulthizzar of Lordaeron
The Second Throne (Blood Knight model)- Holy Knight Keltizifiel of the Twilight Blades.
The Third Throne (gray male villager model) - Governor Perendas of Straholme.
The Fourth Throne (not present, due to war with the Alliance of Lagosh) - Lord of the Hoof Troy of StormGuarde
And the Fifth Throne (Tyrion model no throne)- Grand General Bahram of Alterac's Royal Blood Line.

The Brotherhood has many ranks, They so follow.

(* marks as part of the rank but is not considered to be apart of the ranks but is a sub divider for each rank.)

Brother- The first rank of the Brotherhood

  • Raider- Self Explantory, at least 1,200 of them are active at a time.*

Soldier- Full Pledged member of the brotherhood (Leader of a Squad)

  • Crusader- Trained to defend the Brotherhood's Strongholds*
  • Redeemer- Sent on Special missions to aid in any attempt on the War*

Holy Knight- Paladin Equalvent

  • Templar- Elite Bodyguard, that use both rune magic and holy light in balance*
  • Storm Warden- Brotherhood Disguser who ensures raiders have suitable cover from storms. Druid Equalvent.*

Captain- Leader of a brotherhood Force. (Usually Captain of a Brotherhood Company.)

  • Shield Captain- Defensive captain for a Brotherhood Keep*
  • Tactical Assement Officer- Tactical Leader has no company of his own.*

General- Leader of a Battalion of the Brotherhood.

  • Lord Paladin- Leader of a Holy Knight force.*
  • Sword Brother- Does not lead any force but is an elite soldier.*

Lord of the Five Thrones.