Burning PotheadsEdit

Burning Potheads
Image of Burning Potheads
Main Leader Evillizard


Secondary Leaders Archimonde

Drek'thar Xegranth the Burning

Races Hippies


Affiliation Burning Legion, Council of Ten'zul.
Base of Operations Mac'aree.
Status Disbanded.

The Burning Potheads is the name given to the forces of the united alliance of Evillizard's hippies and Sargeras' Burning Legion. The Burning Potheads alliance was founded by Archimonde and Drek'thar during the third invasion and existed until the Argus explosion.


The third invasionEdit

The Burning Legion once again tried to invade Mount Hyjal, but during the war, Archimonde and an army of his was sent towards the barrens to conquer as much as possible. In the barrens he met Drek'thar, a hippie who wished to join the legion. With the help of Drek'thar and his hippies, they claimed the ruins of Orgrimmar as theirs and rebuilt it. Archimonde and Drek'thar made up the name "Burning Potheads" and soon the entire hippie race on Argus knew of this alliance with the demons. Xegranth the Burning from the Council of Ten'zul arrived in Argus with the hippies and helped brainwashing them, making sure everyone was satisfied with this new alliance.

Xegranth the Burning then led an assault to Azeroth attacking Stormwind, with Hippie Leader Random and Ned'oanik of the Druid Hippie Council, but it appeared it was a mistaken target location, as it had already been taken in completely possession of by the Burning Legion.

The Argussian WarEdit

Xegranth managed to finally make Evillizard attack the Protectorate forces. Additionally Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden was summoned to help fight the Protectorate and the Protectorate seemed to lose, but when it was looking the worst, the whole planet blew up and everyone from the Protectorate was saved and teleported to Silly Lil Ant's realm. The Burning Potheads forces were destroyed along with Argus.

Interesting Thing about this is that the Marines ignored the armies of Burning Potheads because they exterminated their entire planet before moving on.

Aithnic is known to sell herself to the burning potheads for sex alot. Also she enjoys screwing over guys like Noremac and many other of her friends at high school volleyball games.

She is a chaos champion that was killed in the war of Taorin.

The burning potheads were then destroyed by a warp missile bomb.


  • Greatest enemies of the Burning Potheads is the Protectorate.nedy