Caleb Alnria




Half Elf


Alliance of Lagosh






StormWarriors (Father), Vali (Mother), Ahriman (Brother)

Caleb Alnria is the leader of the Alliance of Lagosh and the son of StormWarriors. While his father was on the mission to besiege Stormwind, he was in charge of the Alliance forces in Northrend, and commanded them in the Naga and Tundra Wars, where he fought for several months in Icecrown and the Borean Tundra before returning home to the city of Asherain in Icecrown. While sleeping he was assassinated and killed by the Deceiver, a powerful entity summoned by the Higher Evil. His body was buried in the Celestina Catacombs in the Storm Isles. Soon after his death, the Storm Isles were attacked and most of the Lagoshian population was massacred by the forces of Trolman and Tleno. Somehow, Caleb was ressurected and, along with the surviving Lagoshians, teleported with the Storm Isles to the Forbidding Sea.


  • StormWarriors2 had planned to kill StormWarriors in a plot and make Caleb the second king of Lagosh, but the idea was dropped due to popular demand. But as the other players began starting besieging the lands of the Alliance of Lagosh and StormWarriors was eventually killed, Caleb became the second StormWarriors anyways.
  • He is only 25% Human and 75% Elf, since his father was a Half Elf and his mother a High Elf.

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