Caverns of TimeEdit

The Caverns of Time is an underground cavesystem of tunnels inhabited by Bronze Dragons with several Time-portals leading to past events in the Azerothian Timeline. The Bronze Dragons are neutral to everyone who does not seek to ruin the timeline like the Infinite Dragonflight. It is located in Tanaris and was for the first time seen in the Daily Peon by Peon Amargaard, since then Peon Christian have been there too. Alurmi stands in there as a vendor ready to sell Epic Bronze Dragon Mounts and Keepers of Time Tabards to Bronze Dragon friends...

Notable Time-portalsEdit

- Escape from Durnholde Keep (Enterable)
- Opening the Dark Portal (Enterable)
- Battle for Mount Hyjal (Enterable)
- Second Battle for Mount Hyjal (Enterable)
- Culling of Stratholme (Enterable)
- The creation of Teldrassil (Not Enterable. Won by the Infinite Dragonflight)
- Trolman's and Charles past (Enterable)