Charlie the Peon

Charlie the Peon is an orc peon who decided to leave his family in the Horde to join the great newspaper company, called the Daily Peon, as a news reporter. Charlie had three brothers and one sister back when he was with the Horde. His sister, Tholan, grew up to be a great Hunter. Her where abouts is unknown, though she is rumoured to travel with a wolf named Rufus. Two of his brothers grew up and joined the Horde army, one being a Grunt and the other a Shaman. However, both were killed during the attack on Orgrimmar by the Burning Potheads. His other brother, who conincidently is the youngest, decided to stay as a peon. Melvin, was on holiday during the fall of Orgrimmar. He does not know what happened to two of his brothers. It is rumoured that Melvin keeps in contact with Tholan, but not much is known on the topic. He now spends his time searching for his two lost brothers in the hope that they still live. Charlie the Peon follows the Nerub'als almost every step of their journey, though in recent times he has been out of a job! This is because the Nerub'als have dissapeared. However, he is following a new story. He now follows the strange mystrious heat stablizers all around Azeroth, trying to find their origin! He then Disappeared.