Crystal Being, Z'Thsen'YuliEdit

The Crystal Being is the Guardian of Ice. He is called the Planes Walker or the Ethereal One.
His corpse is formed of ice and crystals plus an armor. He flies or hovers, depending on what he needs.
He came from the island near Northrend, now called in the Daily Peon universe "The Crystal Grave".
The first who saw him was peon Daäk.
No one knows exactly about his origin and quest.


Few of the humans say that the Crystal Being came from StormWarriors World. And others say he actually was a very powerful hero before, wearing the armor called "Pure Essence", but the hero died and his corpse rotten. The armor took life. None of these rumors are exact, and there are no other sources of information regarding those.

Quest of the Ethereal(Rumors&Exact knowledge)Edit

The great mages and the kings claim the Planes Walker came because he was merciful. He wanted to save Azeroth's specimen from a soon-to-come apocalypse. The wrath of one of the strongest titans, and the invasion of the Burning Legion. Prophet he is not, but Guardian he is. Unlike Medivh, his goal is not to unite all the races, but instead, separate them while they will be peaceful to each other. Storytellers say that he is the incarnate of the creator of Azeroth himself. They also say he is the Pure One, but all these informations are only rumors.


The language he uses is the Ayuli'Vi.
Ayuli means Being. Vi means pure. So we can say that Ayuli'Vi means Pure Being's since ' mostly means 's.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • 1. <<Mortals! Mortals, hear my call! The world is in great danger! I am the Ethereal One and I have risen from my grave. I am the Planes Walker, and I am assigned to save you, Azerothians, from this peril! Hear my call or embrace the end!>> (Real speech when he had risen from his grave.);
  • 2. <<Now...Where are they? It is not hard to look for them in a forest of ten thousand trees. Not for me. Time to crystallize this whole place, and find those!>> (Unknown time, Unkown location).
  • 3. <<Sevri Dal Z'Thsen'Yuli, karyeme. Dal Norie Fi Z'Thsenni Kradel.>> In Ayuli'Vi. Means : <>