Cyäegha the Elder God of DeceptionEdit

It is not much know about this old god. The confirmed actions is that he is currently in Stormwind region under Uldaman executing "master plan" with help of Avatar of Rage, Deathwing, Ragnaros and Ik'tecomp.

Dreamworld activitiesEdit

It is confirmed that nightmares in Dreamworld are connected to Cyäegha. It is unknown how they were brought there but their corrupting presence has changed world many times. They also managed to enter Emerald Dream.

Azeroth ActivitiesEdit

It seems that he is gathering many forces to Stormwind. Rumor has it that he wants not only to free Old Gods in Azeroth but to call even more of them from beyond.

Major MinionsEdit

Lady Shadow- Mistress of Spies, she keeps Cyäegha informed about action from Azeroth, Dreanosh and even Argus. Nobody seems to know who she is or from where she came.
Halk Deathcaller- Once an apprentice in Dalaran until his brother was killed. He wanted justice for murder but Trolman was able to escape the punishment. Angered by lack of right he was crazed by voices in his head which as result corrupted him leaving only anger. He wasn't seen in a long time.

Minor MinionsEdit

Faceless- The common troops of Old Gods
Nightmares- Beings currently corrupting dreamworld. It isn't known if they can exist out side of it.
Elementals- Elite forces of Old Gods
Primordial Oozes- It is rumored that they are first beings of Azeroth.


  • It is believed that it was he who once enslaved Nerub'als
    *There are rumors that it was he who brainwashed Tiri to creat Old God cult in Trolmania.
    *It is rumored that his funding for invasions come from TlenoMart.
  • His name is actual name of Elder God from Lovecrafts novels.