Here is the daily peon fails!

The Daily Peon makes no sense if you are reading it. Dakka Dakka deems it a failure of fiction

Not only that but it originally had 50 members. Sadly.... (well forunately.) those with a brain quit.

Though the best thing thus far it is possiblely the biggest failure is..... The characters.

Trolman a drunk, invulnerable cunt bastard that has no life and fucks women for no reason, and goes into vivid details of a womens body. Not only that but his forces are able to resupply themselves in 1 day and get thousands of supplies in 30 seconds wtf? But not only that but they had the largest military, largest spell casters and the largest supply base ever? WAIT WHAT? and they only control smal l pennisula? Rofl? Wtf?

Trumitive a perfect peace organization with no drawbacks what so ever? And they were defeated by skeletons and zerglings WTF?

The Lich King Apparently doesn't know how to close a door.

And not only that But the Daily peon people are immortal what??

And Trolman has been revived more times than the entire cast of Supernatural.

Alagremm, apparently he has an evil lost twin brother? Wow where does that come from?

Amargaard holy crap he is mary sue....

I wonder if matt ward draws inspiration from them?

Because apparently one of them can kill gods and slaughter everyone else.

Not only that but the Nethergem can teleport to other worlds? Wait I made that wait what? Why the hell did they keep? because they needed it for a plot device? NO!

StormWarriors2 wait he is dead? he has died twice? Wtf?

Silly Lil Ant is a spider? Why the fuck is there a giant army of ninja spiders?

Then it gets worse :(