In the Daily Peon, a force is a user controlled empire, nation or otherwise that owns an area of land on Azeroth. Currently, there are twenty six forces in the Daily Peon. Nearly every force has it's own personal peon reporter for the Daily Peon newspaper.

Users Controlled Forces

Al'ar's Legion - Consists of blood elves formerly under Kael'thas' rule and the Scryers of Shattrath City.

Alliance of Lagosh - Large multiracial group led by StormWarriors2(Character). Which is lead by the user Ammargard.

Arathor - Kingdom led by Queen Tyrael.

Brotherhood of the Sword- A Elite Raiding force descended from Alteratic military lead by Grand General Lokigar Bahram. Is an Oligarchy Society. (Is the new faction which is created by StormWarriors2 (user)

Burning Legion - The most cunning evil force in the Daily Peon. It is led by Herian.

Council of Ten'zul - Demonic army led by ten dreadlords that are spread across the worlds of the Daily Peon universe.

Defias Brotherhood - A group of bandits led by Lord Ken.

Eluna'vi - Night elves under the command of Azsure and Clare.

Fearless - Undead armies led by Herosh the Undying.

Grouse - Nation of birds and Arakkoa led by Takakenji. Part of the Triumvirate.

GyroCORP - Corporation led by a sheep and located on Draenosh's moon, Gyrotopia. Part of Triumvirate.

Hippies - A force of hippies led by Evillizard that once controlled all of Kalimdor, but now control only the planet, Argus.

Ice Elementals - Ice elementals free of Ahune's control. Led by Crytal Being and part of the Protectorate.

JokeMaster's Orcs - Unnamed group of orcs who were formerly under JokeMaster's rule. Those on Draenosh are loyal, but not part of, the Triumvirate

Mechabutt Clan - Clan of goblins led by Windu.

Nerub'als - More advanced nerubians under the rule of Silly Lil Ant.

Protectorate - A group of eredar dedicated to ridding Argus of all demons and hippies.

Redscar Trading Company - Large trade empire situated in the Redscar Isles off the western coast of Azeroth.

Sea Legion - Consists of most of the creatures of the Great Sea. Led by Leviathan.

TlenoTech - Advanced force of inventors led by Peasant Tleno. Part of the Triumvirate.

Triumvirate - Created by Alagremm, the Triumvirate is dedicated to preserving peace and order. Based on Draenosh, Argus, Azeroth and Gyrotopia.

Trolmania - Led by Emperor Trolman, Trolmania includes most of the Eastern Kingdoms. It is currently the largest and most powerful force in the Daily Peon.

Users Without Any ForcesEdit

- Misha: Lord of Lightning in the Eastern Kingdoms.