Death KnightEdit

Death Knights were once heroes of Azeroth, those who fought against the Scourge those who were slain in battle and risen again, bound to the Lich King's unholy will.
Death Knights are mighty heroes which some of them disobeyed the Lich King and were no longer a servant of Scourge, Death Knights are one of the most powerful of the world of Azeroth.
Most were killed when Trolman and his forces arrived in Northrend at the Fall of the Lich King-events. The death knights left may still be out there waiting for their call to war. And their revenge on Trolman.

Different KindsEdit

There are currently three different kinds of Death Knights. 1. The Orcish Death Knights: Those were created during the First and Second war by the Orcish Warlocks in the Shadow Council. They took the soul of their fallen Warlocks, and planted them within the corpse of a fallen Human. 2. The Scourge Death Knights: These were often Paladins who were slain in battle, and then later ressurected by the Lich King. But Warriors and stuff could also be raised as one. 3. The Old God Death Knights: The Old God Death Knights are people who have been given unholy powers by an Old God. Currently only two of these exists: Herosh and Halk. 4. The Storm Knight Death Knights: The Storm Knights at one time had a group of death knights that are now no longer part of them. They utlizie the power of death and Destruction. They only serve the Alliance. Though rare. Currently they are trained to combat evil, and observe the balance between good and evil. Only 200 are in Existance today. The Leader is Death Knight Tal

Notable DeathknightsEdit

Notable Deathknights
Name Location Status
Arthas Menethil Argus Alive
Herosh the Undying Silithus Alive
Deathbringer saurfang Icecrown Dead
Halk Edminson Uldaman Alive
Lord Dethstorm Unknown Dead
Elfman Variun Alive