Devel, the Frost elementalEdit

Devel is one of the many elementals that escaped from the Elemental Plane, to come to Argus, in the Kassani Mountains after the death of Ahune and ["Crystal Being got the title as Elemental Lord of Ice.
They have built one big fortress in the Kassani Mountains, with the help of Devel and Crystal Being.
Devel was, long ago, the "best friend" of the Crystal Being. They planned everything before coming to Azeroth, then going to Argus. Fighting Ahune, though, wasn't part of their plans, but made their plans easier.
Now, Devel helps Z'Thsen'Yuli to reign over the Ice elementals.

Actions in the ProtectorateEdit

Devel, with the Crystal Being, joined the Protectorate. There, they met Azzak who helped their master, The Crystal Being, to summon the Ice elementals, Dragram which is the leader of the Protectorate, Peon Amargaard, and finally, the king of Nerub'als Silly Lil Ant who they gave the Kassian Stone to, after using it.

Status of DevelEdit

Title: -
Gender: Male
Race: Ice Elemental
Character: Unknown
Affiliation: Elemental Lords (Formerly), Protectorate
Location: Argus, Kassani Mountains
Status: Alive
Relatives: Ahune (Former Lord), Crystal Being (Current Lord), Azakk