Dragram is the Leader of the Eredar force, The Protectorate, located in Argus. He seeks to breake the Demons' control over the Hippies in Mac'aree the Hippie Capital. In a strange part of the city, known as Protectorate Headquarters he have gathered a group of non-corrupted Eredar and is discussing how to do this. He was first seen in a report by Peon Amargaard which had been caught by the Hippies - Now Peon Amargaard have been adopted into the Protectorate and will be their loyal reporter.

He wears a blue spear with golden lines on the blades, though he mostly uses his magic powers in combat. In recent times he have allied Crystal Being and the Nerub'als led by Silly Lil Ant in their main-base Argost-Ner'al beneath the mountains of Kaarinos. He also created the Council of the Protectorate, with Calliope, Crystal Being, Silly Lil Ant and Arachna.

He will play an important role in the upcomming Argussian War...

Status of DragramEdit

Title: <Leader of the Protectorate>
Gender: Male
Race: Eredar
Character: Mage, Spellcaster, Fighter
Affiliation: Protectorate
Location: Argus, Protectorate Headquarters
Status: Alive
Relatives: Unknown


Dragram was created by the user Alagremm after Amargaards request to be given a force and try notice how the name is almost 'Amargaard' written backwards...