Dranosh SaurfangEdit

Dranosh Saurfang (Dranosh means "hearth of Draenor" in Orcish) is the son of Varok Saurfang, and nephew of Broxigar the Red. His mother's identity is not known. Just like his father and uncle, he was strong and fierce, but ended his life in a battle with the Lich King Arthas Menethil, and was risen as a Death Knight.

Battle at Angrathar the WrathgateEdit

Dranosh Saurfang was sent by the Horde to fight the Northrend Scourge at Angrathar the Wrathgate in their wish to finally put an end to the Lich Kings reign. The Lich King came out of the gates and after his speaking, Saurfang charged towards the Lich King, but with a strong hit from Frostmourne the Lich King managed to breake Dranosh' axe and made him collapse dead on the ground. His soul was obtained by Frostmourne, and then the Lich King left the battlefield yet again. Later Dranosh' corpse were taken and he was risen as one of the strongest of Lich King's champions, he was now known as Deathbringer Saurfang.

Fall of the Lich KingEdit

In the middle of the united siege against Icecrown Citadel, Arthas Menethil gave Ner'zhuls cursed armor and Frostmourne to Deathbringer Saurfang. From the top of the citadel Arthas escaped on the back of the Hippie messenger Deathwing to Winterspring where he made his hideout during the rest of the war. Deathbringer Saurfang was now disguised as the Lich King and with Undead Tiri, Kel'thuzad and Anub'arak at his side he tried to defend the main-base of the Scourge, but failed. At the Frozen Throne he was challenged by huge group of Adventurers: Veljko, Mur'ar, Silly Lil Ant, Spiderling, Ilidin Stormrage, Biggrouse, Alagremm, Tleno, Cavie, Stormwarriors, Azsure, Clare, Father Max, Trolman, Stewart McSquizzey and Paladin whatshisname. Kel'thuzad teleported away with a Scroll of Town portal and left the others to get defeated. Against all these heroes, Saurfang fell easily. Alagremm took Ner'zhuls armor with him to the planet Draenosh and Azsure took the boots and gloves of Saurfang. His last words was "It is... finally over?", but Trolman anwered "Yes it is." and then he sliced off Saurfangs head and took it home to his collection of skulls. The runeblade Frostmourne was taken by Silly Lil Ant.


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