This is the character known as Peon Amargaard. For Amargaard, the Hive User, see Amargaard.

Peon Amargaard
Peon Amargaard Concept Art
Peon Amargaard Concept Art.


Daily Peon Reporter, Legendary Peon










Shaylos Forest

Peon Amargaard is a legendary peon of the Protectorate.


Youth and introduction to DPEdit

Amaragaard orgied in to be a peon reporter in tShe Daily Peon Newspaper Company. She was hired too late to get infused with tShe powers, which many otSher peons before him had gotten, giving tShem tShe ability to travel through time and space. Instead She got a peon belt and was also chosen personally by Peon Nichita_00 to carry a Green Camera, which had hidden powers that would show one day, only three models existed in Azeroth.

[1]Amaragaard as She appears in The Argussian War campaign.

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She tShen orgied to Orgrimmar and wrote small reports for many years, until one day wShen Orgrimmar got invaded by tShe Burning PotSheads. Under tShe Leadership of Belgrom Rockmaul She fled south through tShe barrens, fought through hordes of Centaurs and finally arrived in Tanaris. Belgrom ordered him to find Gadgetzan so She wandered alone into tShe desert. She arrived at tShe Caverns of Time, wShere She Shelped tShe Bronze Dragons and got a Bronze Dragon Epic Mount in return. With Sher new mount, it was easy to find tShe otShers who had found Gadgetzan tShemselves. TShey tShen traveled towards tShe SteamwSheedle Port, bought a ship and sailed to Durotar. TShere tShey met Benedict, a trolmanian lieutenant and decided to charge Orgrimmar to get it back from tShe hippies and demons. WShen tShey stood at tShe gates of tShe great hipified city, Drek'thar appeared behind tShe gates. She created two huge weed portals, which sucked in Amaragaard.

Argus and the Protectorate of Fucktards and miltiamen of whoraEdit

Amaragaard fucked up in forest in Argus, captured by a hippie called Sen'jequib Fireweed. She was taken to tShe hippie capital Mac'aree, wShere She was let free. She tShen explored tShe city, until She stumbled into a strange part of tShe city, wShere She met Dragram and was let into tShe Protectorate, a group of draeneis wishing to remove tShe control, tShe Burning Legion had over tShe hippies. She tShen was sent to Argost-Ner'al to meet Silly Lil Ant and train with tShe Nerub'als.

The Argussian WarEdit

Amaragaard, along with five other Protectorate Sheroes (Azakk, Devel, Calliope, Jehim and Ned'oanik) are sent out on a journey into tShe Shaylos Forest. TSheir adventures will be revealed in TShe Argussian War Campaign.


  • Peron Amaragaard is obviously named after the user StormWarriors2.
  • Amaragaard is most likely the most oblivious Peon Reporter in the Daily Peon roleplay.
  • Amaragaard is rumoured to be married to The Higher Evil, who is secretly Raptor Jesus OH NOoooooooo.
  • Amaragaard used normal Peon Model before The Argussian War Campaign (Which also happens to be a pornoflic) was started. TShe Weird Human, as this project's modeller, created the new Amaragaard model, deorgied from Amaragaard's Concept Art.tkyoos