The Protectorate is an organization consisting of Eredars, Nerub'alsNerub'als, Ice Elementals, Orange Hawk Trolls, Whores, Bitches, European Whores, Ice Elementals, More Bitches, Orange Hawk Trolls, Lagoshians, Pandarens, Phoenix Crusaders and unhipified hippie druids. The Protectorate is operating on Argus, dedicated to defeating the Burning Legion there and free the Hippies. Their bases of operations are Protectorate Headquarters, Argost-Ner'al and Ayalen'Therya. The Protectorate is led mainly by Dragram, Silly Lil Ant and Crystal Being. Currently the Protectorate are active fighting, what seems like a loosing war with the Burning Legion and Evillizard's hippies.


When Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden accepted Sargeras' offer of incredible powers and became evil demon lords of the Burning Legion, Dragram also became a lesser Man'ari Warlock and served the legion for centuries on Argus. One day, a large army of strange creatures led by a person called Evillizard, the hippies, arrived on Argus and their armies were puny, but unexplainable they managed to defeat almost all demons on the planet and even hipified some of them to become hippies as well, Dragram was one of them. However shortly after he became a hippie, he was contacted by Alagremm who unhipified him, so he became a cured Eredar again and told him to gather other Man'ari Eredars and unhipify them. He did what Alagremm told him and named his new organization the "Protectorate". When the demons found out that the hippies fought for peace only, they used it to their advantage. The smart and cunning dreadlord Xegranth the Burning was chosen to contact Evillizard and signed a peace treaty and since then the Burning Legion have lived together with the hippies in peace as well as the Protectorate, but unknown to the hippies, the Legion manipulated with the hippies and slowly got more and more control over them. The Protectorate and the Burning Legion was then forced to live together and not hurting each other. The Legion built four Weed Cauldrons four different places on Argus, which decreased the hippies' brainactivity, without them knowing.

The Protectorate was introduced to DP, when Peon Amargaard was teleported to Argus and stumbled upon the Protectorate Headquarters accidently. Dragram quickly noticed that he was not a hippie, nor demon, and it ended up with Peon Amargaard joining the Protectorate. Additionally, Silly Lil Ant's Nerub'als and Crystal Being's Ice Elementals teleported to Argus and joined the Protectorate as well. The Nerub'als built a huge underground city, Argost-Ner'al, in the Kaarinos Mountains, but the Burning Legion knew nothing about that, nor their arrival. The Ice Elementals built Ayalen'Therya in the Kassani Mountains and the Legion didn't notice that neither. The Protectorate now had quite a huge army and they started plotting a strategy to bring down the Legion, but the problem was that if they attacked, the hippies would turn against them as well, so for a long time they did nothing.

One day a Draenei girl was teleported to Belgarath, a Green Eredar druid and Protectorate spy while he was meditating in an Argussian forest. He brought back the girl to the Protectorate Headquarters. She appeared to be Calliope and was believed to be the savior, that have been awaited for a long time. Her ideas quickly became useful for the Protectorate and many things happened after she arrived - Belgarath became leader of the Druid Hippie Council, and managed to unhipify all the other members who then realized what the Legion had done to them and Evillizard. The Council of Protectorate was founded and Calliope kept being of use to the Protectorate until she teleported back to Azeroth, to participate in a siege on Darkwind. Coincidentally, Belgarath knew that his father, which was a hippie, was trapped there and asked Calliope to free him before she left. She freed Belgarath's father, who's name was Ned'oanik, unhipified him, and then teleported back to Argus, along with him.

The Argussian War

The Argussian War is a plot by Amargaard that is still running and thus not all information have been posted yet. Also, The Argussian War Campaign is a campaign project hosted by Amargaard concerning the Protectorate, but the events in it will not be posted until the campaign is finished.

Calliope and Ned'oanik landed in the Calliope and Ned'oanik landed in the Areeor Grasslands and had to go to Argost-Ner'al, which were the nearest Protectorate city. At that moment, the Lagoshians, came to Argus as well, and landed near to Calliope and Ned'oanik. The Lagoshians joined the Protectorate and they all wandered further towards Argost-Ner'al, except half of the Lagoshians who stayed in the grasslands, and built the town Lagoshia, and Myrdan remained to oversee the town. The others got safely to Argost-Ner'al, but not unseen. Therox the Ninth had followed them and found the secret entrance to Argost-Ner'al. On the way, Shodo-Pan Jehim, his Pandarens and Ordinico Voodoo and the whole Orange Hawk Tribe joined them.Myrdan remained to oversee the town. The others got safely to Argost-Ner'al, but not unseen. Therox the Ninth had followed them and found the secret entrance to Argost-Ner'al. On the way, Shodo-Pan Jehim, his Pandarens and Ordinico Voodoo and the whole Orange Hawk Tribe joined them.

Xegranth the Burning finally succeeded in fully take control over the hippies, and he made Evillizard order an attack towards the Protectorate Headquarters. The Protectorate defended themselves from countless waves of attacking hippies and demons, but suddenly Archimonde and Kil'jaeden, the two legendary demon lords themselves, came to Argus and with them leading the demons, the Protectorate Headquarter forces were pushed longer and longer into their headquarters...

Meanwhile, Argost-Ner'al was besieged by a huge Legion army led by Therox the Ninth, which got through the first entrance with ease and charged the Protectorate War Camps once they entered the Argost Valley. They also got through the war camps and then headed for Argost-Ner'al. Though Argost-Ner'al was heavily fortified the demons got through the gates and continued through the hallways of Argost-Ner'al...

Notable members of the ProtectorateEdit


  • Alagremm made up this force, because he thought Amargaard lacked one.
  • Due to The Argussian War-plot, the Protectorate's timeline have been delayed very much.kre