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Alagremm (Reviver of the Daily Peon)

Honorary Members

Tleno, VeljkoM and Trolman


The Hive Workshop[1]

The Daily Peon (often shortened to "DP") is the name of the Hive Workshop social group to which the Daily Peon Wiki is dedicated to. It is also the name of the newspaper made from articles written by Peon Reporters, always with pictures attached to them, based in Warcraft universe.

History Edit

The Daily Peon was created by the Hive Workshop user, Nichita_00. However, Nichita didn't involve himself in the group very often, and eventually just forgot about it all together. Sometime later, another Hive user, Alagremm, joined the Daily Peon. He saw in the group three of Trolman's terraining pictures, and decided to make one himself. Eventually, they began roleplaying in their pictures. A while later, the user Tleno joined the Daily Peon. He became a part of the roleplaying along with Alagremm and Trolman. One day, he insulted Trolman, which gave Alagremm the inspiration to create the comic Hunt for Tleno. The comic shot the Daily Peon into the limelight, and it has since grown immensely in popularity, now being the social group with the most posts and pictures on the Hive Workshop.

Members of the Daily PeonEdit

Notable Members

Alagremm - Reviver and leader of the Daily Peon

Nichita_00 - Creater of the Daily Peon-group.

Trolman - Inventor of reports (Terrain pictures with news)



Other Members









Herian - Creator of the original DPWIKI




Legion King Doom

Lord Ken


Silly Lil Ant


TheFairfield - Creator of the new Daily Peon wiki

The Weird Human



Rules & Guidelines of the Daily PeonEdit

  1. You cannot break or change Warcraft lore b.D.P (Before Daily Peon). The lore after that can be changed if honorary members agree.
  2. You cannot control the other players' forces, unless you have an agreement. You can control small parts of other players' forces for storyline.
  3. Creating something that is completely alien to Warcraft and DP universe is prohibited.
  4. Neutral forces can be controlled by players regardless if they are influenced or not by other players
  5. You may only use WCIII terrain. Terrains from other games, or pictures made in picture-making programs are prohibited.
  6. Terrain pictures are the only true way of showing something you did in DP.
  7. You may not create new worlds without agreement with other players
  8. You will be brought to account if you break the rules!