Theramore IsleEdit

(Redirected from Theramore)[1][2]Hope, walking in the streets of Theramore Isle, during the time it was controlled by the Trolmanian Empire.Theramore Isle is a rocky island and a fortified keep located in the eastern Dustwallow Marsh. Theramore Isle have changed faction owner several times, but is now ruled by the New Kingdom of Stormwind after an assault led by Hope. The innkeeper Edward lives here, running the "I live with fish" inn.

Thouigh It was Intended to Be invaded by the Brotherhood of the Sword which by far are the coolest group of raiders ever until they quit being raiders and decided to unleash themselves as shock troopers. Dumbasses.

Anyway Theramore has been forgotten about for at least the entire DP history. Until Recently. Which in itself was retarded....

History in the Daily PeonEdit

When Tiri Proudmoore married Emperor Trolman, Kul Tiras and Theramore Isle became part of the Trolmanian Empire.

The third invasion Edit

The Burning Legion invaded Theramore Isle, and Admiral Proudmoore led the survivors away to Troldaeron in ships. The city was retaken though and Admiral Proudmoore soon sent an army towards Orgrimmar which had been taken by the Burning Potheads. Yes. Burning Potheads... Where the fuck do they come up with this crap..... Failures.....

One day, the princess of Arathor, Hope, was reeled in by a trolmanian fisherman and was brought to Theramore Isle. She wandered through the streets watching the people and noticed how dilapidated they all were. She left the city and found what she was looking for, her cousin Anduin Wrynn and his small kingdom in Kalimdor. They agreed to attack Theramore and soon they stood at the gates of the trolmanian city, ready for war. But then they were fucking raped by a Space Marine Tactical Squad. The city was taken and rebuilt in old Stormwind style.



  • The lore of Theramore Isle before the time of the Daily Peon appears to have been changed, as it was never invaded by the Horde and Admiral Proudmoore was never slain by Rexxar. Which should of happened.
  • No picture was ever shown of Theramore being reclaimed by Trolmanians. Which is gay.a