Instead of doing the smart thing and reviving his friends with his weapon that could automatically restore life to the dead he went on by himself to try and defeat the Sageras Avatar. Not only that but he then was then in some way thanks mostly to his massive amounts of plot armor to surivive Sageras and emerge victorious and able to suck the daemon's soul into his sword (lul wut?) Even though somehow Sageras was able to keep attacking all of Azeroth again and again. Trolman's only weakness in a literal sense was a knife to the back and a sniper shell to the head. he was a heavy drinker and also a failed hero and tyrant. He took many of the 40k awesome lore of the imperium and compressed it into a fantasy world where his empire which had trillions of humans serving on him in one country fought and died and had the best armor and best weapons yet they were defeated by a bunch of skeletons and zerglings, how this came to past I will never freaking know.